Stamping and welding for the automotive industry

We produce complex blanks for customers (OEM, TIER1) using progressive technologies, mainly transfer and progressive stamping. For smaller series we also use standard crank presses.

We press using tools developed by our design department and manufactured in our own tool room or using tools supplied by our customers. We are one of only two press shops in the Czech Republic with a 2500 ton transfer press. 

Press tips:

  • Transfer presses 1600/2500t
  • Progressive presses 630/800/1000t   
  • Crank presses 500/800/1250/2000t 
  • Press brakes 400t 
  • Centrifugal presses 120-400t 

Stamping material: Fe, CrNi, Al 
Weight of manufactured structural blanks of internal body parts up to 50 kg  
Material thickness of the blanks:  0.7 mm to 3.5 mm
Bending: up to 12 mm  

We use automated and robotic workplaces for welding of manufactured parts, mainly resistance welding supplemented by MIG, MAG and laser welding methods. 

  • 4 boxes for laser robotic welding 
  • 29 boxes robotic spot welding 
  • Multipoint welding equipment 
  • Manual spot welding 
  • MIG, MAG welding 
  • Turing equipment  

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